Curtis Drilling

Committed to foundation drilling, caisson, and earth retention projects, with over 30 years of experience spanning two generations, we are leaders in our industry. With more equipment and more experienced operators we are committed to our customers and the quality of work that we do!

Creative is not usually associated with drilling holes, that is until you find yourself in a situation where you need a hole in a very difficult location like the side of a hill or the bottom of an existing elevator shaft. Curtis Drilling has the equipment and experience to understand complex drilling situations and to execute these projects with safety always at the top of everyone’s mind. Our creativity comes through in every aspect of a project, from the value engineering in the estimating department to years of experience of our operators. Our equipment completes the picture for a creative solutions to every drilling need.

Competitive not just in our pricing, but in making sure that every job is done with quality workmanship. Foundation and earth retention work is not a part of construction that can ever fail. Our competitive nature makes us do every job right the first time, on time, and always with safety in mind.

Committed, Creative, Competitive...Curtis